Category: Hydro-Lodge-ical design

Hydro-Lodge-ical Design

Hydro-Lodge-ical design is a model of sustainable on-site water-use management that promotes balance in the local ecology.  By modeling the local historic hydrologic cycle in our development plans we have the best opportunity to create the least disturbance in the local water balance model… Continue Reading “Hydro-Lodge-ical Design”

Hornby Island Recycling Depot Composting Toilet Facility

An Example of Hydro-lodge-ical Design In Feb, 2006 Hornby Island celebrated the opening of the composting toilet facility at the Hornby Island Recycling Depot. There was live music and bowels of chili offered up. The raffle winner made first use of the biffy, while… Continue Reading “Hornby Island Recycling Depot Composting Toilet Facility”